Introducing M-PEPEA CREDIT

Have you been in a situation where you need cash within the hour due to an emergency or an embarrassing situation? Then welcome to M-PEPEA credit.

What is M-PEPEA credit?

M-PEPEA credit is a fully automated credit system dedicated to providing small emergency loans via Safaricom M-PESA instantly, 24hours a day 7 days a week.

Who qualifies for M-PEPEA credit?

AAn employee of an established company/organisation with a monthly income arrangement.

How do I register for M-PEPEA credit?

  • Three copies of a contract agreement will be provided by RAVEN Limited which will require signatures from you as well as the employer who will guarantee to be deducting from your salary.
  • You will retain one copy, one copy for the employer and the other copy will be returned to RAVEN limited. You will then be registered into the M-PEPEA system.
  • The system will then send a confirmation SMS that you qualify for M-PEPEA credit.
  • Registration is free!

NOTE: We only request the employer's approval as our guarantee of payments. You can always pay before due date and the employer will not be engaged for payments. For bankers, you can guarantee us with a post dated check from your bank.

How much will I qualify to receive as credit?

The minimum amount you can withdraw is Kshs 5,000 with a maximum of Kshs 30,000 per month. You can withdraw in kshs5,000 or kshs10, 000 or kshs15, 000 denominations anytime depending on your emergency.

How do I pay, When do I pay and at what interest for the credit received?

We will be submitting monthly statement to the employer requesting the employer to deduct from your salary the amount withdrawn plus a fixed interest fee of _____________ (____) %. You will only qualify for the following month's withdrawal when we receives payments from your employer. If you pay before due date then RAVEN will not send the statement to employer. You can pay via M-PESA pay-bill. Our business number is 527801. The account number will be your ID.

How will I be withdrawing M-PEPEA credit?

  • Once registered, send a blank message to 0722309800 from you MPESA registered number.
  • Wait for a confirmation message from RAVEN ltd. that a request has been sent to Safaricom MPESA.
  • Safaricom MPESA will send you the amount of credit per withdrawal as shown on the contract agreement.
  • Whenever in an emergency, you can repeat the above steps till you reach the maximum amount of monthly credit you registered in the contract agreement.

NOTE: after you register, remember to save 0722309800 as M-PEPEA on your Mobile phone

How secure is M-PEPEA credit?

Any withdrawal will be sent only to your MPESA registered number provided by you in the contract. The money will be loaded to your MPESA account and your MPESA PIN number will be your security. Ensure your MPESA PIN is your secret. For more information please contact: Raven Limited